As someone who has experienced all levels of the game, from amateur golf all the way to the PGA TOUR, I have developed a unique understanding of the complexities of the sport.

I believe that too much time during lessons, print media and TV are devoted purely to mechanics. While mechanics are undoubtedly an important part of the game, so, too, are routine, course management, rhythm, mental approach, preparation, emotional stability, target focus and consistent set-up fundamentals. These are often brushed over in the rush to get better mechanically. I know too many people whose mechanics are “better” but their scores don’t improve.

My focus has always been on the 20 seconds before the club moves on the backswing. I am the first to admit that I am the classic overachiever, limited physically and talent-wise, but was able to get the absolute most out of my game by focusing on that 20 seconds. If players can consistently control that part of their game, the chances of a good outcome are significantly enhanced.

Very few people have the time, talent, discipline and resources to perfect the mechanics of the game, but I can refine and add to what the player already has to help them to reach their potential. I would like to work in tandem with teaching pros in order to blend my field of expertise with theirs. This will carry over the student’s game from the range onto the golf course.